Alternative Education Provision

Offering activities in an accessible environment for young people, for whom traditional education has become a turn-off to learning, to develop a variety of skills as well as continuing to improve their knowledge


Universal Youthwork

Running youth clubs for children and young people in Blackpool, putting on informal education and events in a safe space five nights-a-week

Contracted Services

Creating opportunities for marginalised young people to improve their skills and employability by undertaking meaningful work experience under the guidance of youth workers


Training & Consultancy

Delivering expert training in specialist areas, including substance misuse and sexual health, help to bolster the knowledge of colleagues in the education and youth work sectors


Welcome to EPS

EPS is changing lives for the better every day, through both fun and formal activities to develop young people’s social and emotional intelligence. It works with children and young people across Lancashire – mainly in some of the most challenged communities in the county – running youth clubs, managing youth training schemes and providing alternative education provision.

Founded in 2011 it has enjoyed enormous success for and with young people, including seeing 85% of ‘graduates’ from its youth training schemes move into full-time, purposeful employment, and significantly increasing the numbers of children accessing its youth club provision.

EPS has been recognised locally and nationally for the impact of its work, including being named ‘Most Inspirational Business’ in its hometown of Blackpool.

EPS is Effective Pedagogy Solutions a Community Interest Company (CIC) Pedagogy is the study of being a teacher or the process of teaching. The term generally refers to strategies of instruction, or a style of instruction. The word comes from the Greek παιδαγωγέω (paidagōgeō); in which παῖς (país, genitive παιδός, paidos) means “child” and άγω (ágō) means “lead”; so it literally means “to lead the child”.

Pedagogy is something that those of us in the fortunate position of working with young people need to consider in our practice and thoughts; whilst we offer challenge, safe places, interest, listening and care for their lives and of those around them. We bring life into what they learn, act as animators as we work alongside, sharing and travel a mutually collective path

Our Mission Statement

We will provide outstanding youth work experiences to young people. We exist to make a difference in the lives of young people and our team by adding enjoyment and quality to futures. We have PRIDE in our profession, PERFORMANCE driving effectiveness, PASSION in youth work.
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Youth workers welcome government’s sex education plans

EPS has welcomed bold plans to modernise the teaching of sex education in secondary schools. The founders of the youth work social enterprise have said the changes are long overdue in an age where young people are at risk of becoming “over- sexualised”. The Government...

Cash boost to ‘mow-tivate’ out-of-work young people

EPS is growing a gardening training scheme for NEET young people through a partnership with a leading children’s charity. The social enterprise is working with Blackpool Boys & Girls Club (BBGC), which has been given a £75,000 cash boost to support...

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